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Nationals leader reveals nuclear power plants to be built in National Party seats

The Nightly, 12 June 2024

While Peter Dutton has told the media that winning back the teal seats is possible with his energy policy, Kylea says the Liberal Party clearly isn’t listening. “Rather than take on board the feedback voters gave them in 2022, they’re basically saying they don’t care and they don’t want to listen,” she says.

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Dutton's climate policy to be 'the extinction of the opposition'

SBS World News, 12 June 2024

Kylea says opposition leader Peter Dutton's proposal to dump Australia's climate targets is "the extinction of the opposition ... not the extinction of our planet, because Australians have had enough of this sort of climate denialism".

Watch the news segment from the 22' mark here.

Confused Coalition stance on 2030 emissions target risks ‘chasing away’ investment

The Guardian, 11 June 2024

Kylea says the Coalition's stance on Australia's 2030 emissions target risks taking Australia backward. "The climate wars must be put to bed," she says. "If the Liberal and National parties do not wish to be part of that future, it is their own extinction they are guaranteeing."

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MP Kylea Tink promotes social cohesion

North Sydney Sun, 11 June 2024

Kylea is set to host a workshop to combat racism within the North Sydney community as the country’s social cohesion hits a record low. "We want everyone in our community to feel a sense of belonging, making North Sydney a place where our diverse community can thrive," she says.

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Dutton escalates climate war with 'out of touch' teals

Australian Financial Review, 11 June 2024

Peter Dutton's plan to abandon Australia's 43 per cent emissions reduction target has been heavily criticised by crossbenchers, who say it shows that the Coalition has given up on winning back former Liberal seats.

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Peter Dutton’s dangerous climate call reopens the Climate Wars and takes Australia backward

Media release, 11 June 2024

Peter Dutton’s promise to renege on Australia’s 2030 Climate targets is anti-science, anti-jobs and anti-climate action, Kylea says.

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Joint statement on integrity and autonomy of ICC

Ministerial Correspondence, 5 June 2024

Kylea has signed a joint statement urging the Australian Government to publicly support the ICC's work and enable independent judicial processes to operate free from political interference and threat of punishment.

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Nine independent MPs and Greens back UN call for Australia to ban fossil fuel advertising

The Guardian, 6 June 2024

Kylea has welcomed UN secretary António Guterres' call for countries to ban advertising from fossil fuel companies, while warning that Governments must also go further in halting the production of fossil fuel products.

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Teals consulting with the Environmental Defenders Office for climate advice

The Australian, 4 June 2024

"It’s crucial Australia’s environmental laws actually do the job of protecting the environment for ­future generations," Kylea says of her conversations with the Environmental Defenders Office. “At a time when Peter Dutton’s energy policy appears to be written by Gina Rinehart and the fossil fuel lobby, and Labor’s energy policy by the gas industry, it’s crucial that crossbenchers speak to a wide variety of stakeholders to ensure voices other than vested interests are heard."

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Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting for the North Sydney Olympic Pool

The Hornsby-Kuringai Post, 1 June 2024

Kylea says the renovation of North Sydney Pool is a prime example of how not to do an infrastructure project. "The community deserves better and it’s time for all parties involved in this to publicly communicate a plan for re-opening the North Sydney Pool before the end of the year," she says.

Read the article here.

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