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Independent MPs blast Labor, Coalition on small business policies

Smart Company, 4 April 2024

Media coverage of a COSBOA panel discussion, where Kylea spoke about how she worked with government to improve the recent ‘same job, same pay’ legislation.

Read the article here.

North Sydney welcomes funding for TAFE St Leonards

Media Release, 4 April 2024

Kylea has welcomed the Federal Government’s $3.2 million funding injection into TAFE NSW St Leonards, which further enhances its position as a Centre of Excellence for Media Studies in Australia.

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Teals warn Labor has ‘dropped the ball’ on small business

Australian Financial Review, 4 April 2024

"I don’t think there are enough people like all of you in government," Kylea has said to small business leaders at a COSBOA summit. "They are not the people with the experience in that place that know what it’s like to try and open doors ... who know what it’s like when your container is stuck in the docks."

Read the article here.

Support growing for changes to new super tax bill

SMSFAdviser, 3 April 2024

There is growing support from the crossbench for the government to rethink its plans to tax unrealised gains in the proposed $3 million super tax, SMSFAdviser reports. Kylea has criticised the proposed taxation of unrealised gains as a “moment-in-time cash grab” that would introduce an unprecedented treatment of assets in Australia.

Read the article here.

IPSC confidentiality agreements a risk to accountability and transparency

Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 2024

Plans to make Independent Parliamentary Standards Commission complainants sign confidentiality agreements could weaken transparency and accountability, Kylea has warned.

Read the article here.

Stage 3 tax changes, deportation laws and our highly engaged electorate of North Sydney

Sky News, 27 March 2024

In a wide-ranging interview with Sky News, Kylea addresses questions on the Labor Government's handling of the Stage Three Tax Cuts, its highly problematic new immigration laws, and the upcoming AEC redistribution.

Watch the interview here.

‘Bracket creep for super’: Teals brand Labor’s $3m policy a ‘cash grab’

Australian Financial Review, 27 March 2024

Kylea has urged the Government to drop plans to tax unrealised gains on large superannuation accounts, and allow for the proposed $3 million balance cap to rise over time.

Read the article here.

Interview with Sarah Macdonald on New Vehicle Efficiency Standard

ABC Radio, 27 March 2024

"These laws aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they're actually really good," Kylea says. "There's a lot more to be done in this area, but ultimately, Australians can finally begin to look forward to seeing more fuel efficient vehicles being imported into this market, and consequently paying less for petrol, having fewer emissions, and all the other benefits that come with that from health to environment."

Listen to the interview from 5'50"-15'23" here.

North Sydney welcomes release of New Vehicle Efficiency Standard

Media Release, 27 March 2024

Kylea Tink MP, Independent Federal Member for North Sydney, has welcomed the Government's release of the New Vehicle Efficiency Standard, describing it as solid stepping stone towards Australia’s emissions reduction targets.

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Statement on the Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill

Media Release, 27 March 2024

The Labor Government’s Migration Amendment (Removal and Other Measures) Bill 2024 is highly problematic both for its content and the way it has been moved through parliament, Kylea Tink MP, Independent Federal Member for North Sydney says.

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