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Driving shift to cleaner, more affordable transport for all

Media release, 28 November 2022

Independent Federal Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, is calling for Australian petrol to move in line with European standards and will today introduce a Private Members Bill to amend fuel quality standards so Australia can move to more stringent emissions standards.

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Kylea Tink bill takes aim at low-quality petrol

The Australian, 27 November 2022

Independents are seeking to pressure the government to improve Australia’s fuel standards immediately, with a bill to be presented to parliament on Monday to phase out the nation’s low quality petrol within two years.

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Canberra raiders Teals step up

North Shore Times, 24 November 2022

It's six months since the election moment, on May 21, when the teal wave of seven female independents swept into federal parliament, all taking the seats of Liberal moderates. As Tink says, it's been one of the most challenging phases of her career: "The learning curve's been vertical. It's straight up and at a 90-degree angle." But it's also been one of the best experiences of her life. "It's hard to answer which part is the best, because I've been enjoying so much of it," she says.

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Parliament to vote on anti-corruption body

The West Australian, 24 November 2022

A federal anti-corruption watchdog could be one step closer as parliament prepares to vote on a proposed model. While the government believes it has struck the right balance to produce a robust integrity body, crossbenchers will continue to push for several amendments to the model.

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Australia’s word of the year pays tribute to teal independents

Sky News, 23 November 2022

Teal has been crowned Australia’s Word of the Year for 2022 in a homage to the six independent candidates who pulled off a stunning Federal Election win earlier this year.

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Australia's Word of the Year is a colourful nod to teal wave of independents

ABC Online, 23 November 2022

It was dubbed a "teal bath" when a wave of independents, campaigning primarily on climate change, wrestled away long-held Liberal seats in May 2022.

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Teal picked as Australian word of the year

AFR, 23 November 2022

“Teal”, the moniker given to first-time political candidates responsible for ousting a suite of Liberal MPs at the federal election, has been named as Australia’s word of the year for 2022.

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Teal MPs to receive tens of thousands in Electoral Commission funding

Daily Telegraph, 18 November 2022

Money will paid to Teal MPs by the Australian Electoral Commission under rules which reimburse all candidates for money spent on electoral expenditure. Candidates who get at least 4 per cent of first-preference votes are reimbursed $2.90 for every first-preference vote they receive.

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'It was a social movement, not a political movement'

Sydney Morning Herald, 11 November 2022

Few were seasoned activists. Others had crossed party lines. A 20,000-strong volunteer force with unseen social, familial and digital links proved pivotal to the success of the “teal” independents in May’s federal election.

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Teals use poll profits for staff and other costs

The Australian, 10 November 2022

Teal MPs Kylea Tink and Zoe Daniel were able to raise profits of more than $100,000 each to pay for staff and other costs, after receiving a combined $3.57m in political donations for the election.

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