Policies overview

“The very basis of democracy is that a decision taken by the public as a whole will be right more often than decisions taken by an elite group…”

- Ted Mack, Henry Parkes Oration 2013


In May 2022, the federal electorate of North Sydney chose to have our values, concerns, and ambitions expressed at a national level Independently. We decided to do politics differently and since then, everything that I have done as Federal MP has been shaped with community input.

Based on community surveys, your feedback, and hundreds of conversations with people right across our electorate, I am pushing for progress on five key policy areas: climate action; a forward-focused economy; integrity in federal politics; equality and respect; and better support for our families and communities. From time to time, my team and I may focus on specific issues within these policy areas, for example by looking to introduce fuel standards that would help manage the climate impact of the cars on our roads, or by convening a Housing Summit to workshop solutions for the families and communities impacted by Australia's housing and rental crisis.

Should you have any feedback on these or other issues, please get in touch. I look forward to working with you towards the progress our community wants to see.


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