About Kylea Tink

Your Independent Federal MP for North Sydney

Hi, I’m Kylea*

I’m a business leader, social advocate and mum of three who has lived in the North Sydney area for over 15 years. In May 2022, I was elected Federal Member for North Sydney.

As a community Independent, I am committed to listening to the people of North Sydney and advocating in Parliament for your views, concerns and ambitions — not my own, nor those of a party.

I’m here because our community voted for a different way of doing politics.

As an independent I value reason and consensus over divisiveness, and I work to achieve better outcomes for all. For too long, Australia’s two-party political system has been gridlocked, with career politicians on either side more interested in toeing the party line than in effecting genuine change. In contrast, an independent can put the community’s needs first.

The diverse and populous crossbench is propelling important debates out of secretive party rooms and into the public arena. This is improving transparency, strengthening our democracy, and driving legislative reform.

I was elected on a platform of climate action, political integrity, a forward-focused economy, equality and respect for all, and healthy families and communities, and am working hard to push for progress on these issues as a matter of priority.

I regularly seek community feedback on these and other issues via email, surveys and in-person events.

As North Sydney’s first independent MP, Ted Mack, once said: “Elected representatives should enable people to not only participate in all decisions that affect them but ultimately find ways to have people make decisions for themselves … The very basis of democracy is that a decision taken by the public as a whole will be right more often than decisions taken by an elite group.”

Together, we are changing the political climate in Canberra for the benefit of all.

*Kylea is pronounced 'Kylie'.

Let’s change the climate in Canberra

Kylea gave her first speech to the 47th Parliament of Australia on the 27 July 2022, outlining the ambitions and concerns of the North Sydney electorate she will be championing during her term.

Kylea is determined to see politics done differently in Canberra and to be the change we want to see.

Watch her full speech here.

See a replay of Kylea’s first speech to the 47th Parliament of Australia here.


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