Joint letter to Minister Plibersek re: Environmental reforms

Kylea has signed a joint letter to Tanya Plibersek, Minister for the Environment and Water, urging the Federal Government to fulfill its promise of delivering a complete package of environmental reforms during this parliamentary term. The letter comes amid reports that the government is considering delaying and splitting the package of reforms.

Read the letter here.

Inquiry into Australia’s transition to electric vehicles

Kylea has made a submission to the Parliamentary Committee on Climate Change, Energy environment and Water calling for a holistic and coordinated approach to Australia's EV transition.

Read the letter here.

Joint letter to the Immigration Minister re: Fast Track system

Kylea has signed a joint letter to Immigration Minister Andrew Giles about the Government's plan to abolish the Fast Track system, noting that the change still fails to provide a reasonable, fast and fair outcome for the 9,000 people who arrived in Australia as part of a 'Legacy Caseload' more than 10 years ago.

Read the letter here.

Submission to the Consultation on the New Vehicle Efficiency Standards

Kylea has made a submission to the Government on its proposed New Vehicle Efficiency Standards (NVES).

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Submission to the Willoughby Council about redevelopment in Castlecrag

Kylea has made a submission to the Willoughby City Council outlining constituents' concerns about proposed redevelopment on Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag.

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North Sydney Federal Budget Submission 2024-25

Kylea written to the Treasurer calling for 2024-25 Federal Budget to include funding for North Sydney's bushland, cycleways, sports and arts facilities; investments in cutting-edge research; and support for vulnerable women and children in the community.

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Enforcing relevance during Question Time

Kylea has written to Speaker of the House, the Hon Milton Dick, asking him to enforce more focused and relevant discourse during Question Time.

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Kylea has written to the Hon. Paul Scully MP, Minister for Planning, and Hon. Ron Hoenig MP, Minister for Local Government about the hundreds of trees that have been illegally cleared and the lack of effective ways to prevent it and preserve the trees. 

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Question in Writing about Flight Routes for International Airlines

Kylea has written to the Hon. Catherine King MP, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, querying how the Government decides whether or not to allow additional flight routes for international airlines like Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines.

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Submission on the NSW Federal Electorate Redistribution

Kylea has made a submission to the Redistribution Committee for NSW, recommending the Division of North Sydney be expanded North and East to absorb the balance of Wiilloughby LGA and North Sydney LGA, while other boundaries be retained.

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