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Policy Priorities

“… Government should be open to public scrutiny…elected representatives should enable people to not only participate in all decisions that affect them but ultimately find ways to have people make decisions for themselves…the very basis of democracy is that a decision taken by the public as a whole will be right more often than decisions taken by an elite group…”

Ted Mack – Henry Parkes Oration 2013

Since announcing my candidacy as the Independent for the federal seat of North in September 2021, my team and I have literally had hundreds of conversations with people right across our electorate – including those with existing expertise, members of advocacy and policy groups, and discussions with ordinary members of our community.

What is clear is the people of North Sydney want politics done differently.

We want our voice and our vote to matter, and for the things we stand for to be truly reflected at the level of the federal government.

As North Sydney’s Independent, I will have only two masters: my community and my conscience. I will not be beholden to a party and as such, I will ensure North Sydney always has a voice at the table when it comes to making major decisions.

We must move beyond the gridlock which comes from a two-party system where the skills necessary for collaboration and consensus building are no longer valued or pursued.

Ultimately, the below policies represent the actions that the people of North Sydney wish to see advocated for at our federal level and it would be my great honour to be that voice for our community.


Urgent climate action led by facts, not politics

This is the critical decade for climate action and the decisions made in the next three years will fundamentally affect our children’s and their children’s future

I will support:

  • A clear and actionable plan to reduce national emissions guided by experts to achieve at least 60% by 2030.
  • Removing the politics from the climate debate by introducing an independent climate change body to develop an evidence-based plan to achieve net zero by 2040.
  • Active collaboration with local councils and state government to make the federal seat of North Sydney one of the first Net Zero Urban Energy Zones in Australia, as we transition to a fully electrified community as quickly as possible (target date 2035).
  • Improved fuel emission standards and initiatives that increase the rate of adoption of electric vehicles across Australia.
  • The gradual and planned removal of subsidies for coal and gas, with no new coal and gas extraction projects.
  • Protecting and enhancing our green corridors that are fundamental to the nature of our community and ensuring that any infrastructure projects undertaken in our electorate provide solutions for the next century, including:
    • demanding transparency from the Prime Minister on commitments related to the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link.
    • calling for a suspension of any further work until key stakeholders (including local councils and resident groups) are satisfied that all alternatives have been fully explored and concerns addressed and mitigated.
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A forward-focused economy

It’s not enough to be the lucky country – we have to be smart as well.

I will support:

  • An actionable and measurable plan which maps the decarbonisation of the Australian economy and prioritises reskilling, and greater support for tertiary education skills development; fosters a strong, diversified economy powered by well-educated and highly trained young Australians.
  • Greater federal investment in high growth, innovative green industries across our North Sydney community, to enable economic growth as we transition to a net zero carbon economy.
  • The development of a clean R&D and manufacturing high-tech corridor from North Sydney to Macquarie Park with greater investment in R&D and start-up incentives and support.
  • Prioritising targeted skilled migration to drive productivity, innovation and economic growth.
  • A focus on modernising industry which incentivises the production of green products (such as steel, green aluminium and green hydrogen) and provides a transition fund to support communities.
  • Greater support for small business driven by a sustainable recovery plan from COVID-19 with clear planning beyond the next election.
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Integrity in federal politics

Restore integrity to politics by tackling corruption, dishonesty and discrimination.

I will support:

  • Using our voice and North Sydney’s vote to support a truly independent, well-resourced Australian Federal Integrity Commission with teeth, like that advocated in Helen Haines’ Integrity Bills.
  • Legislative reform to ensure truth in political advertising.
  • Legislative reform to curtail the influence of money in politics: including caps on campaign spending, caps on individual donations and real-time donation reporting.
  • Better budget oversight to stop “pork barrelling” and the waste and mismanagement of public funds, including stronger business case development, cost benefit reporting and tendering and grants transparency.
  • Appropriate and stronger powers for both the Parliamentary Budget Office and the Australian National Audit Office.
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Equality and Respect

Everyone deserves respect and a fair go, no matter their background.

I will support:

  • Greater support for families, with equal rights for parents to access paid parental leave and universal access to early childhood education and care.
  • All 55 of the recommendations from the Respect@work Report into sexual harassment to be fully implemented.
  • Developing programs to prevent violence and discrimination against women, including specific measures to reduce the gender pay gap and improve superannuation outcomes for women in Australia.
  • Adding the North Sydney federal voice, and vote, to ensure a reconciled Australia, with a true First Nations voice enshrined in our Constitution.
  • Immediate release of all refugees currently being held in indefinite detention in Australia and a new approach to how people who have sought asylum in Australia are currently treated.
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Healthy and productive families and communities

A holistic coordinated vision for Australian families which supports communities across a lifetime and reforms and recharges our health services.

I will support:

  • Priority funding of quality public education and increased support for post-high school education, training, and research.
  • A coordinated response to identify and address underlying systemic issues driving unprecedented mental health distress.
  • An immediate ‘Interim Review’ of our experiences during COVID-19 to enable better planning and greater preparedness; including the release of final recommendations on the Medicare Item number review.
  • Revitalising and increasing our health and aged care workforce.
  • Establishing a National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the roll-out of an appropriately resourced National Preventive Health Strategy.
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