Kylea's Track Record

I was elected by the people of North Sydney to the 47th Parliament of Australia to give voice to our community’s values, concerns and ambitions in the House of Representatives. It is a privilege to represent our vibrant, diverse and compassionate community, and it is one I certainly do not take for granted.

Everything that I do in Parliament House and in my capacity as Federal MP is shaped by the priorities that our community has asked me to pursue: faster action on climate; a smart, forward-focused economy; restoring integrity to federal politics; equality and respect for all; and better support for families and communities.

As an independent, I consider each piece of legislation on its merits. I regularly seek community feedback on specific issues via email, surveys and in-person events, to ensure my actions accurately reflect North Sydney’s priorities.

I am particularly proud of our community for achieving:

  • Consensus over the Safeguard Mechanism Bill, which provides clearer limits on Australia’s biggest emitters. The Bill was passed with North Sydney’s amendments to ensure that new coal and gas projects, or expansions of existing coal and gas projects, cannot access taxpayer-funded subsidies.
  • A stronger Climate Change Bill, which was passed with significant input from our electorate. North Sydney's voice helped ensure the proposed 43% emissions reduction target became a floor, not a ceiling, as well as securing greater transparency and accountability from the Government about the advice it receives.
  • More protections for small- to medium-sized businesses within IR legislation. North Sydney was the only crossbench seat to secure an amendment to the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill which ensure small to medium sized businesses in the construction sector have a seat at the table in the government’s new consultative forum.
  • The Reducing Vehicle Pollution Bill, the tabling of which was a milestone moment for our community. This Private Members Bill has helped to drive debate within Government as to how to reduce air pollution caused by light vehicles by bringing Australian fuel standards in line with European standards rapidly.
  • Better oversight of the soon-to-be-formed National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), which will be overseen by a Parliamentary Committee that is not simply dominated by the Government of the day. Through our advocacy, we were able to support the Attorney-General in ensuring our long-awaited integrity commission remains above the machinations of typical party political interplay.
  • Development of a binding and ambitious Code of Conduct to cover all Parliamentarians and their staff. This draft has been tabled in Parliament and is now ready for broader socialisation and eventual adoption.

You can see my latest update to the electorate in English and Chinese, or read my submissions, watch recordings of my parliamentary speeches, and see a full record of all my votes in Parliament via the links below.