Work with Kylea

Working for Kylea is an exciting way to make real change for the people of North Sydney. From time to time, there are opportunities to work within her electoral office in the North Sydney CBD.

We are currently recruiting for:

Community Organiser / Campaign Manager

In May 2022, Kylea Tink was elected as the first ever female independent to represent the federal seat of North Sydney on a platform that emphasised the opportunity to do politics differently, with the focus being shifted from party ideology to true community representation.

As we move into the final 18 months of this 47th Parliament, Kylea is looking for a Community Organiser/Campaign Manager to both prepare for, and subsequently manage, the next election campaign.

The successful applicant will be driven by the desire to not only deliver real change for the North Sydney community but will believe in the power of community-centred politics to drive long term, sustainable and positive change right across our country.

Applications close 22 April 2024. Download the full job description here.