Healthy and productive families and communities

A holistic coordinated vision for Australian families which supports communities across a lifetime and reforms and recharges our health services.

Kylea has committed to working towards:

  • Priority funding of quality public education and increased support for post-high school education, training, and research.
  • A coordinated response to identify and address underlying systemic issues driving unprecedented mental health distress.
  • An immediate ‘Interim Review’ of our experiences during COVID-19 to enable better planning and greater preparedness; including the release of final recommendations on the Medicare Item number review.
  • Revitalising and increasing our health and aged care workforce.
  • Establishing a National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and the roll-out of an appropriately resourced National Preventive Health Strategy.

So far, North Sydney has achieved:

  • Progress around reforming marketing of harmful products including gambling, junk food, alcohol, and nicotine/vaping.
  • Launch of the the Parliamentary Friends of Youth Mental Health to deliver real change for young people living with mental health challenges.
  • Advocacy for Early Education & Childcare Centres and workers in relation to visas and pay gaps
  • Advocacy for better recognition of failures in the working environment for nurses
  • Input into a revitalised National Strategy for the Care and Support Economy.
  • Advocacy for a fairer national student loan scheme.
  • Assistance with over $330,000 in new grants to local community projects, including schools infrastructure upgrades, domestic violence and mental health services, religious organisations, grassroots sports clubs, men’s sheds, scouts, community gardens and more.
  • The inaugural North Sydney Youth Summit involving two delegates from each high school across the electorate. This group will meet regularly to ensure young Australians have a voice in how they are represented in Canberra.

Next steps:

  • Convene a Housing Summit to bring together key stakeholders to workshop solutions to the housing and rental crisis.
  • Continue to advocate for initiatives to specifically address intergenerational inequity.


Prominence and Anti-Siphoning Bill

Tink backs domestic violence funding

North Sydney Sun, 8 May 2024

Kylea has welcomed the statewide rollout of the Staying Home Leaving Violence program, commenting that "while the program has proven to be effective it has previously, and inexplicably, not been funded in any of the 9 LGAs on the North Shore or Northern Beaches, at a time when it is needed most."

Read the article here.

Statewide rollout of Staying Home Leaving Violence is a welcome step in the right direction

Media release, 6 May 2024

Today’s announcement from the NSW Government of $230 million to enhance support for domestic, family and sexual violence (DFSV) victim-survivors and expand programs that reduce the rate of violence against women and children is a welcome step in the right direction.

Find out more

Finally – an educated adjustment to HECS calculations

Media release, 5 May 2024

Today’s announcement of a new approach to HECS indexation as well as debt forgiveness from last year is overdue, but welcome.

Find out more

Submission to the Senate Inquiry on Aircraft Noise

Kylea has made a submission to the Senate Inquiry on Aircraft Noise showing that aircraft noise is not being distributed in accordance with Sydney Airport's Long-Term Operating Plan. This has resulted in disproportionate noise pollution in the North Sydney Electorate. Noise sharing procedures can and should be implemented urgently.

Read Kylea's submission here and supporting report here.

Politicans ramp up battle to snare SBS headquarters

Daily Telegraph, 22 April 2024

Kylea has once again criticised the Government's proposed relocation of SBS' headquarters from Artarmon to Western Sydney, saying the move would strip about 900 jobs and significant business revenue from the North Sydney electorate.

Read the article here.


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