Housing Affordability

North Sydney is advocating for stronger leadership from Federal Government to create incentives, economic and social drivers that will help address Australia's housing crisis.

North Sydney Community Housing Forum

The North Sydney Community Housing Forum brought 30 ordinary citizens together to determine the most effective way for the Federal Government to improve Housing Affordability.

The full-day forum was held on 29 October. It was our community’s first major exercise in Deliberative Democracy — where relatively small but representative groups of people engage in well-informed and robust discussion to make judgements on specific issues.

Housing Forum participants spent the day reviewing ideas from over 60 public submissions from local organisations and residents, and speaking with experts from Link Wentworth, the Community Housing Industry Association, Sydney YIMBY, the Centre for Independent Studies, and the UNSW City Futures Research Centre.

Ideas ranged from urban planning and infrastructure to finance, tax reform, social security, immigration and foreign ownership.

Ultimately, participants decided that Commonwealth infrastructure funding be used to incentivise the development of higher density housing around public transport hubs, particularly for lower income households and essential workers.

A detailed report on the Forum and its findings is now available for download. Kylea will be working with policy experts on further development on this proposal, as well as looking to hold future deliberative democracy exercises on topics such as intergenerational equity and climate action in the months ahead.

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What else is Kylea doing about Housing Affordability?

Many aspects of housing policy are decided at state and local levels - from renters' rights to residential construction zoning. But the recent stoush about the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) Bill shows that Federal Government can provide more leadership.

North Sydney has among the highest proportion of renters in the country. Kylea has surveyed residents on renters' and landlords' perspectives on the housing crisis, and provided views to Parliament. She has made a formal submission to the current Senate Inquiry into the Worsening Rental Crisis, and spoken in Parliament about older womens' homelessness, and the need to pass the HAFF legislation which would provide Federal Government funding over time to build more social and public housing.

Kylea is also is meeting with state and local officials responsible for housing to understand how the Federal Government can support state and local government organisations in improving tenants' rights and building more affordable housing.

Based on her discussions with experts and the community to date, Kylea is advocating for:

  • Using Federal infrastructure funding as a lever to promote the development of more medium-density, diverse and affordable housing around public transport hubs.
  • Federal leadership on ways to make renting a home safe and secure.
  • Enforceable building and maintenance standards for high quality and energy efficient apartments and rentals.
  • Federal Government to look at planning and zoning rules in areas where housing is in most demand, particularly for critical workers.
  • Government to consider tax changes that will provide incentives for a sustainable housing environment for renters and home-owners.


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House of Representatives, 28 February 2024

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House of Representatives, 26 February 2024

The North Sydney Community Housing Forum

House of Representatives, 6 February 2024

Power to the people

North Shore Living, February 2024

Local media coverage of the North Sydney Community Housing Forum. Is it possible for a randomly-selected group of people to come up with solutions to complex social problems?

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North Sydney Community Housing Forum Proposes Innovative Solutions for Improved Housing Affordability

Media Release, 11 December 2023

The Federal Electorate of North Sydney has hosted its inaugural Deliberative Democracy citizen's forum, aiming to explore effective measures for tackling the ongoing Housing Crisis.

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The Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia

Kylea has made a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs' Inquiry into the Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia.

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