Housing Affordability

Our housing crisis has been building for years and involves long-term incentives, economic and social drivers. It will not be solved overnight. We need better leadership from Government and more active community involvement to identify and champion solutions.

North Sydney Community Housing Forum

The North Sydney Community Housing Forum reflects Kylea's commitment to do politics differently. The forum will use a model that has been tested elsewhere known as 'deliberative democracy'.

For this event, a group of around 30-40 residents will convene to spend a day together to consider potential solutions to this difficult policy problem. Participants are asked to find common ground around one idea, showing their reasoning and what questions need to be answered to know if it is viable. Along the way they will have access to experts and data to help make an informed recommendation.

Participants will be selected from a random sample of voters in the North Sydney electorate. They will be representative of a cross-section of the electorate's demographics and geography.

Ahead of the event, Kylea will call for submissions from residents and local organisations. These will be vetted by a panel of experts and provided to participants to consider, among options recommended by housing policy experts.

Participants will present their conclusions to Kylea at the end of the workshop. She will provide a substantive response in the weeks after the Community Housing Forum, including recommendations that can be taken to Parliament.


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What else is Kylea doing about Housing Affordability?

Many aspects of housing policy are decided at state and local levels - from renters' rights to residential construction zoning. But the recent stoush about the Housing Australia Future Fund (HAFF) Bill shows that Federal Government can provide more leadership.

North Sydney has among the highest proportion of renters in the country. Kylea has surveyed residents on renters' and landlords' perspectives on the housing crisis, and provided views to Parliament. She has made a formal submission to the current Senate Inquiry into the Worsening Rental Crisis, and spoken in Parliament about older womens' homelessness, and the need to pass the HAFF legislation which would provide Federal Government funding over time to build more social and public housing.

Kylea is also is meeting with state and local officials responsible for housing to understand how the Federal Government can support state and local government organisations in improving tenants' rights and building more affordable housing.

Based on her discussions with experts and the community to date, Kylea is advocating for:

  • Federal leadership on ways to make renting a home safe and secure.
  • Enforceable building and maintenance standards for high quality and energy efficient apartments and rentals.
  • Federal Government to look at planning and zoning rules in areas where housing is in most demand, particularly for critical workers.
  • Government to consider tax changes that will provide incentives for a sustainable housing environment for renters and home-owners.


The Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia

Kylea has made a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs' Inquiry into the Worsening Rental Crisis in Australia.

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