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Australia’s Student Loan Scheme is Broken

Media Release, 1 June 2023

Tertiary education is more than a cost; it is an investment in our future. A better educated workforce means greater productivity and greater community prosperity.

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Government under pressure to fix ‘egregious’ HECS indexation rule

AFR, 1 June 2023

Teal MP Kylea Tink says the government must shift the indexation date for HECS payments to November 1 to remedy a “ridiculous” and “egregious” tax office rule that means graduates are copping indexation increases to portions of their study debts they have already repaid.

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Concerns rise over HECS debt interest charges

Sky News, 1 June 2023

Independent MP Kylea Tink says Australians need to understand the flaws in the current system, which permits being charged interest on a debt incurred nine months prior rather than reflecting the real current amount.

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Crossbench calling for intervention on student debts

ABC RN, 29 May 2023

Members of the crossbench have written to the Federal Education Minister Jason Clare, calling for urgent intervention in the spiralling cost of student debts.

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‘Simply mind blowing’: Kylea Tink criticises govt’s revenue streams

Sky News, 11 May 2023

Independent MP Kylea Tink says although restraint was a “good element of the budget”, there was no real reform with how the Australian economy derives its income.

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A Band Aid Budget

Media Release, 10 May 2023

The Labor Government may have appropriately delivered some reprieve for the most vulnerable in the Federal Budget, but it has patched, rather than solved, serious structural issues in the Australian economy.

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Teals call for further extension to single-parent payment

Daily Telegraph, 8 May 2023

Teal independent MPs are rallying the federal government to go one step further with their single-parent support payments, issuing a battlecry to support people escaping domestic violence.

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As budget day looms, the message is clear: Help us to electrify homes and vehicles

The Driven, 30 March 2023

With soaring power costs, stubbornly high petrol prices and a ‘final warning’ from the world’s climate scientists that the window to address catastrophic climate change is closing, the message couldn’t be clearer: We must ditch expensive, polluting fossil fuels – for both our climate and our hip pocket.

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Australians want to see politics ‘done differently’

Sky News, 29 March 2023

"I think that sends a very clear message across our country that people are wanting to see politics done differently – they want to ensure their voice is being heard in that house," Kylea says about NSW election results.

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Negotiations ramp up as Albanese government aims to get its climate bill through Parliament

Canberra Times, 20 March 2023

Kylea is calling for the government to axe any new fossil fuel projects from accessing the Powering the Regions Fund, to decarbonise existing and new industries.

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