Equality and Respect

Everyone deserves respect and a fair go, no matter their background.

Kylea has committed to working towards:

  • Greater support for families, with equal rights for parents to access paid parental leave and universal access to early childhood education and care.
  • All 55 of the recommendations from the Respect@work Report into sexual harassment to be fully implemented.
  • Developing programs to prevent violence and discrimination against women, including specific measures to reduce the gender pay gap and improve superannuation outcomes for women in Australia.

So far, North Sydney has:

  • Co-hosted a panel on Women’s Economic Security, Safety and Certainty.
  • Successfully advocated to lift the age of children supported under the Parenting Payment (Single) from 8 to 14 helping 57,000 families
  • Co-hosted Women’s Safety Roundtable: The role of the law, the economy and the government
  • Served on the Parliamentary Joint Committee for Human Rights, kick-starting an inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Framework.
  • Spoke against the Government’s redesignation of Nauru as a refugee processing centre and seconded Andrew Wilkie’s bill to end indefinite detention
  • Advocated against the inhumanity of the current regime in Iran.
  • Assisted with over 100 personal immigration cases.

Next steps:

  • Continued work with the Parliamentary Joint Committee for Human Rights.
  • Preliminary work into a proposed Royal Commission into Australia’s Immigration Detention Policies.



WHEN: SUN 29 OCTOBER 2023, 8:45AM

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Q+A: Bad Behaviour, Bushfires & Rebuilding Reputations

ABC, 11 September 2023

On Q+A, Kylea spoke about needing better behaviour in Parliament, and why she is voting Yes in the Voice Referendum.

Watch the episode here

Interview about the Voice Referendum

Sky News, 23 August 2023

Kylea shares her hope that the announcement of a Voice Referendum date will "get politicians out of the way and actually let the community have the conversations it needs to have in terms of how we move forward".

Watch the interview here

Independent MP calling for change in domestic violence procedures

Sky News, 23 August 2023

Kylea is calling for a change in domestic violence procedure, arguing the focus should be for victims to be able to stay in their homes while the perpetrators must leave.

Watch the interview here

Older Women's Homelessness

The colour of money

The Monthly, July 2023

A long-form article examining the role of community independents in addressing inequality.

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