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Teals demand 75 percent emissions reduction target by 2035

The Australian, 17 January 2024

“Australia needs to rise to the very real challenges presented by climate change and accept responsibility for the changes we can affect – not just aligning with international benchmarks but helping to drive them further with a bold ambition," Kylea says. "We need far more than a mere ‘less bad’ approach.”

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Teal MPs push for 75 per cent emissions cut by 2035

Sky News, 17 January 2024

Independent MP Kylea Tink is calling for the government to implement a more ambitious climate target, asserting that it is based on science. “In Australia we now have a net zero target by 2050, but to be able to achieve that we need to have very clear milestone targets between 2030 and 2050," she says.

Watch the interview here.

Rowdy House: Most-ejected MPs in parliament make no apology

Sydney Morning Herald, 4 January 2024

Media coverage of bad behaviour in Parliament House, including Kylea's view that an independent commission with teeth is needed to enforce standards and impose consequences.

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Labor ends year with broken promise as EV policy faces delays, 31 December 2023

A promise by the Albanese government to unveil mandatory pollution caps for new vehicles sold in Australia by the end of 2023 has been broken, sparking fears its landmark EV policy will be put on ice. “It’s worse than frustrating that we’re going to end 2023 without fuel efficiency standards," Kylea is quoted as saying. “Now there’s no timeline — that really concerns me.”

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Opinion: Labor’s broken promise on fuel efficiency

The Saturday Paper, 20 December 2023

Australia’s transport emissions are rising and the chances of the federal government introducing fuel efficiency standards by the end of the year are shrinking by the day, Kylea writes in The Saturday Paper.

Read the article here.

North Sydney Community Housing Forum Proposes Innovative Solutions for Improved Housing Affordability

Media Release, 11 December 2023

The Federal Electorate of North Sydney has hosted its inaugural Deliberative Democracy citizen's forum, aiming to explore effective measures for tackling the ongoing Housing Crisis.

Read the media release here.

Teal MPs slam ‘perversion of democracy’ on immigration laws

Sydney Morning Herald, 6 December 2023

Kylea has criticised a Government plan to rush new immigration laws through parliament on Wednesday, arguing that "this is what regimes do to communities when they are seeking to have complete control ... they pass laws in the dead of night without their citizenship knowing about it."

Read the article here.

Opinion: The way Australia treats refugees shames the entire nation

The New Daily, 1 December 2023

Australia's immigration detention regime goes much further than border protection; effectively punishing those who flee to our country in the desperate hope of refuge, Kylea says.

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Calls for royal commission into immigration detention

Canberra Times, 28 November 2023

Kylea has backed calls for a comprehensive investigation of Australia's long-standing bipartisan immigration detention policy.

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Labor faces crossbench revolt over 'rushed' IR laws

The Australian, 27 November 2023

Kylea has asked for more time to consider Labor's "Closing Loopholes" industrial reforms, noting that the community is uneasy with the pace and scale of the proposed changes. Crossbench MPs are arguing that rushing the legislation through the chamber could have unintended consequences on small business and the economy.

Read the article here.

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