A forward-focused economy

It’s not enough to be the lucky country – we have to be smart as well.

Kylea has committed to working towards:

  • An actionable and measurable plan which maps the decarbonisation of the Australian economy and prioritises reskilling, and greater support for tertiary education skills development; fosters a strong, diversified economy powered by well-educated and highly trained young Australians.
  • Greater federal investment in high growth, innovative green industries across our North Sydney community, to enable economic growth as we transition to a net zero carbon economy.
  • The development of a clean R&D and manufacturing high-tech corridor from North Sydney to Macquarie Park with greater investment in R&D and start-up incentives and support.
  • Prioritising targeted skilled migration to drive productivity, innovation and economic growth.
  • A focus on modernising industry which incentivises the production of green products (such as steel, green aluminium and green hydrogen) and provides a transition fund to support communities.
  • Greater support for small business driven by a sustainable recovery plan from COVID-19 with clear planning beyond the next election.

So far, North Sydney has achieved:

  • More protections for small- to medium-sized businesses within IR legislation. North Sydney was the only crossbench seat to secure an amendment to the Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill which strengthens the representation by small to medium size construction companies.
  • Greater visibility of the work of local enterprises.

Next steps:

  • Advocate for more holistic tax reform, taking pressure off personal income and broadening the tax base including adequate review of PRRT.
  • Continue to push for government investment in future focused industries whilst advocating for articulated transition plans for receding industries.


Fair Work Legislation Community Survey

The Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Bill has been introduced into Parliament and I want to know how this legislation might impact you. If you are a business owner or if you are an individual likely to be affected by proposed changes to definitions of casual employment, 'employee-like' arrangements and 'same job, same pay' measures, please share your feedback.


‘Be brave’: Six teal MPs urge GST debate

AFR, 27 August 2023

“There’s no doubt the federal government remains too heavily reliant on extracting revenue from ordinary Australians, through income tax, and we must address this, as the ratio of working Australians to retirees is only going to decrease in coming years,” Kylea says. “At the same time, the government must look harder at corporate Australia and multinationals, where year-on-year we are witnessing soaring profits.”

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Future proofing our economy

‘Simply mind blowing’: Kylea Tink criticises govt’s revenue streams

Sky News, 11 May 2023

Independent MP Kylea Tink says although restraint was a “good element of the budget”, there was no real reform with how the Australian economy derives its income.

Watch the interview here

A Band Aid Budget

Media Release, 10 May 2023

The Labor Government may have appropriately delivered some reprieve for the most vulnerable in the Federal Budget, but it has patched, rather than solved, serious structural issues in the Australian economy.

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North Sydney's 2023 Federal Budget Priorities

Kylea wrote to Federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers on North Sydney's 2023 Federal Budget Priorities.

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