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'How not to do an infrastructure project': Kylea Tink on the North Sydney Pool

The Guardian, 17 March 2024

Kylea is quoted in a feature article on the beleaguered redevelopment of the North Sydney Olympic Pool. Problems began when the Federal Government gave the pool a $10m grant meant for regional and remote women’s sports, she says.

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Independent MP speaks on GST carve-up

Sky News, 15 March 2024

Kylea has raised questions of integrity and transparency in government as the states and territories bicker about the GST carve-up. “They tell us that it’s done by an independent body, but we know these deals are done behind the back of where they go," she says.

Watch the interview here

Palmer to contest donations limit

Sydney Morning Herald, 13 March 2024

Kylea says Labor’s decision to pursue greater transparency on election funding is evidence of the growing influence of the integrity-minded crossbench. However she warns that any cap on spending in individual seats could advantage parties over independents — for example, spending on national TV ads that may not be captured in seat-specific limits.

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Truth and transparency in proposed election reforms

The New Daily, 13 March 2024

“Transparency is not a bad thing for anybody," Kylea says of the Government's upcoming election reform legislation, noting that Australian political parties received $90 million in donations from unknown sources in the lead up to the 2022 federal election.

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Beware the vested interests fuelling the automotive status quo

The New Daily, 12 March 2024

Those fighting the proposed vehicle efficiency standards standards are fighting for their own profit margins, and not for Australian drivers, Kylea writes in the New Daily. 

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Tink wants gender equality policy to go beyond statement of intent

North Sydney Sun, 8 March 2024

Kylea has welcomed the Federal Government’s newly announced National Strategy for Gender Equality while calling for it to 'go beyond merely being a statement of intent', local media reports.

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Afternoon Briefing: Gender equality and more efficient cars

ABC News, 8 March 2024

Kylea tells ABC's Afternoon Briefing that the Government must follow up its gender equality strategy with actions. "Clearly, our systems are still broken and we need to do really significant work if we want to be a nation where equity is something we truly expect," she says.

Watch the interview here

North Sydney welcomes National Strategy for Gender Equality

Media release, 7 March 2024

Kylea has welcomed the newly launched Working for Women: A Strategy for Gender Equality, while calling on the Government to ensure its statements of intent translate to action, with clear and measurable outcomes.

Read her statement here.

'Fuel efficiency is a cost-of-living measure': Kylea Tink

Media release, 7 March 2024

Kylea has delivered a keynote speech at the Smart Energy 2024 Conference and Expo about the proposed New Vehicle Emission Standards and how a more participatory, transparent and collaborative parliament can deliver progress.

Read a transcript here.

Women in Our Economy

In the Cove, 6 March 2024

Local media coverage of Kylea's International Women's Day breakfast, which was attended by over 190 guests, including North Sydney Mayor Zoe Baker, NSW Women’s Safety Commissioner Hannah Tonkin, and leaders of Women & Children First, the Centre for Women’s Economic Safety and several North Shore schools.

Read the article here.

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