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Week 17: Now's the time for economic reform as cost of living bites

All across Australia, costs of living are getting higher. I've heard this from many in our community and seen it first hand on my grocery and power bills. Households are under extraordinary pressure, and Parliament will need to consider what systemic changes we need to future proof our economy.

As a society, we need to invest in our care sectors and find ways to improve the cost and affordability of childcare. We also need to address issues of housing affordability, with Sydney rents up an average of 14% last year, and mortgage repayments on the rise after six consecutive cash rate hikes.

While there is no silver bullet, I believe now is the time to explore opportunities that can improve Australia's financial position while also delivering the social and environmental progress we need.

Better fuel efficiency standards, for example, could not only bring down our overall transport emissions but also save households hundreds in petrol costs annually.

Fairer taxes for oil and gas exporters and multinational pharmaceutical companies could help raise revenue for government programs. As budgetary pressures grow, we should also look to cut spending in wasteful areas like offshore processing of asylum seekers and the $600 million Kurri Kurri power plant.

There has been much talk in the media about potentially dismantling the former government's Stage 3 income tax cuts but we should be looking further than simply taxing our workers to fix the Federal Budget. The reality is, Stage 3 cuts have already been legislated. They were backed by Labor during the election, and I believe they must stay.

As your independent representative in Federal Parliament, I remain absolutely committed to advocating for the changes we as a community want to see. Please do keep the feedback coming in, and come along to Wednesday's Politics in the Club event if you can make it. I hope to see you there!

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