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The case for respectful conversations

The Village Observer, October 2023

"You get more done when you approach another person respectfully," Kylea writes. "Respectful engagement may seem like an obvious standard: yet living it, giving it and standing up for it is something we all need to fight harder for."

Read the column here.

The $50m idea that could save renters on energy bills

Sydney Morning Herald, 4 October 2023

Kylea and her fellow crossbenchers are advocating for a tax concession for landlords to encourage the electrification of rental properties, saving tenants up to $1594 a year.

Read the article here and the crossbench joint letter here.

Reflections on the parliamentary sitting fortnight

The Village Observer, September 2023

Kylea's reflections on homelessness, housing affordability, violence in our community, our ageing population, and what we can do to address these issues.

Read the column here.

More than 60 Australian MPs urge US to let WikiLeaks founder walk free

The Guardian, 14 September 2023

More than 60 Australian federal politicians have explicitly called on the US to drop the prosecution of Julian Assange, warning of “a sharp and sustained outcry in Australia” if the WikiLeaks founder is extradited.

Read the article here and the letter here.

Jailing whistleblowers would ‘stain’ Australia’s reputation, crossbench MPs say

The Guardian, 13 September 2023

A group of 30 crossbench MPs and senators, including Kylea, has called on the Government to commit to stronger whistleblower protections and drop prosecutions against Richard Boyle and David McBride.

Read the article here and the letter here.

Q+A: Bad Behaviour, Bushfires & Rebuilding Reputations

ABC, 11 September 2023

On Q+A, Kylea spoke about needing better behaviour in Parliament, and why she is voting Yes in the Voice Referendum.

Watch the episode here

Teal MP says she felt unsafe after ‘hostile’ interaction with Coalition male, 7 September 2023

Kylea aired her concerns about the standards of behaviour in the House of Representatives following another rowdy question time on Thursday. Her intervention led to Speaker Milton Dick acknowledging parliamentarians’ behaviour had fallen well short of expected standards.

Read the article here

Teals condemn Labor on transparency

Sydney Morning Herald, 3 September 2023

Kylea has criticised the government for a lack of transparency over politician expenses after weeks of dispute over the $3.6 million cost of Defence Minister Richard Marles' VIP flights.

Read the article here

‘Be brave’: Six teal MPs urge GST debate

AFR, 27 August 2023

“There’s no doubt the federal government remains too heavily reliant on extracting revenue from ordinary Australians, through income tax, and we must address this, as the ratio of working Australians to retirees is only going to decrease in coming years,” Kylea says. “At the same time, the government must look harder at corporate Australia and multinationals, where year-on-year we are witnessing soaring profits.”

Read the article here

Interview about the Voice Referendum

Sky News, 23 August 2023

Kylea shares her hope that the announcement of a Voice Referendum date will "get politicians out of the way and actually let the community have the conversations it needs to have in terms of how we move forward".

Watch the interview here

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