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Independent MP calling for change in domestic violence procedures

Sky News, 23 August 2023

Kylea is calling for a change in domestic violence procedure, arguing the focus should be for victims to be able to stay in their homes while the perpetrators must leave.

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Is alcohol marketing targeting underage drinkers?

ABC News, 10 August 2023

Kylea says the launch of Hard Solo is emblematic of Australians' concerns over alcohol marketing. "This is a product that has the name of a soft drink, is in a can that looks like a soft drink and tastes like a soft drink, and yet has alcohol in it," she says.

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New drink ‘Hard Solo’ a hard pass for Independent MP

Sky News, 10 August 2023

Kylea has expressed her disapproval of the alcoholic soft drink ‘Hard Solo’. “I’d like to see it taken off the shelves and I’d like to see a conversation ongoing around what sort of products are introduced to the market,” she said.

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Teals say Hard Solo doesn’t pass the pub test

Sydney Morning Herald, 9 August 2023

Kylea will host talks between her fellow crossbenchers and industry figures about the growing number of alcoholic drinks marketed to underage drinkers after a “hard” version of the popular soft drink Solo was approved for sale in Australia.

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The colour of money

The Monthly, July 2023

A long-form article examining the role of community independents in addressing inequality.

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Royal Commission into Immigration Detention

Media Release, 28 July 2023

Call for Royal Commission into Immigration Detention.

See Kylea's letter to the Prime Minister here.

Prominent Yes vote contingent address public at Sydney’s Town Hall

Sky News, 11 August 2023

Hundreds turned out in North Sydney on Tuesday night to hear from prominent supporters of the Yes vote.

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Parliamentary workplace safety agency delayed until October

Sydney Morning Herald, 19 June 2023

North Sydney independent MP Kylea Tink said people had been shocked to witness the “completely inappropriate and disorderly conduct” in the parliament last week and questioned why the implementation of the Jenkins review had been so slow.

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Labor urged to bring forward single parenting payment changes

The Guardian, 3 June 2023

On Wednesday in the House of Representatives, independent MP Kylea Tink moved an amendment to one of the Labor Government's key welfare budget measures to prevent more than 8,000 single parents falling into further poverty during the waiting period.

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Australia’s Student Loan Scheme is Broken

Media Release, 1 June 2023

Tertiary education is more than a cost; it is an investment in our future. A better educated workforce means greater productivity and greater community prosperity.

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