Why an Independent?

North Sydney is where the original independent, Ted Mack, showed how an independent can make a difference and influence politics for the better. As Mayor he famously sold the Mayoral Mercedes Benz to buy community buses. As a federal MP, he deliberately quit politics before he was eligible for a parliamentary pension.

Here’s why we need an independent MP again.

An independent can put your needs first

Liberal and Labor Party members vote for their party first. Do you want a representative that votes the same way as Barnaby Joyce or Peter Dutton?

An independent is free to listen and respond to community wants and needs and take those views to Canberra.

It’s the only way to get a federal ICAC

The Morrison government promised a federal integrity commission in 2018 but it has not been delivered. We can clearly see that taxpayer's money is being misspent, and yet our representatives sit on their hands.

With more independents in parliament, we can finally push for proper accountability.

It’s the only way to end the climate wars

Over more than a decade, the Liberal and Labor parties have failed to tackle the biggest challenge we face. Now the major scientific authority on climate change, the IPCC, has issued a ‘code red for humanity’, and Australia is still not cutting emissions faster or seizing the opportunities of a zero carbon economy.

The last time Australia made real progress on climate action was between 2010 and 2013 when Julia Gillard’s minority Labor government worked with independents.

With more pro-climate independents like Zali Steggall in parliament, Australia could again implement a science-based response to a rapidly warming planet.

Together, let’s change the climate in Canberra


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