Why an Independent?

As an Independent parliamentarian, I am committed to advocating for the views, concerns and ambitions of our community — not those of a party.

For too long, Australia’s two-party political system has been gridlocked, with career politicians on either side more interested in toeing the party line than in effecting genuine change.

In contrast, an Independent can put your needs first. I am free to listen and respond to community wants and needs and take those views to Canberra.

A strong crossbench can drag important debates out of party rooms and into the public arena, improving transparency, strengthening our democracy, and driving legislative reform.

Independent MPs in the 47th Parliament of Australia have already contributed to stronger climate change legislation and progress on immigration policy reform, and we’re just getting started.

I am proud to represent North Sydney, where the original Independent, Ted Mack, showed how an independent can make a difference and influence politics for the better. As Mayor he famously sold the Mayoral Mercedes Benz to buy community buses. As a federal MP, he deliberately quit politics before he was eligible for a parliamentary pension.

As Ted Mack once said: “Elected representatives should enable people to not only participate in all decisions that affect them but ultimately find ways to have people make decisions for themselves … The very basis of democracy is that a decision taken by the public as a whole will be right more often than decisions taken by an elite group.”

Together, I know we can change the political climate in Canberra for the benefit of all.

Here’s how an Independent can make a difference

An Independent can put your needs first

Liberal and Labor Party members vote for their party first.

An independent is free to listen and respond to community wants and needs and take those views to Canberra.

We can help secure a federal ICAC

The Morrison government promised a federal integrity commission in 2018 but it was not delivered.

With more independents in parliament, we have been able to finally push for proper accountability.

We can end the climate wars

Over more than a decade, the Liberal and Labor parties have failed to tackle the biggest challenge we face.

As an Independent, I was able to use North Sydney's voice to strengthen transparency and accountability requirements in the Climate Change Bill, with our vote enabling the amended bill to pass through the Lower House.

Together, let’s change the climate in Canberra


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