Pledges of Support


Pledge to Install Solar in Schools

What could be better than creating more jobs in renewable energy, more teaching staff for local schools, and saving tonnes of carbon emission?

If elected, Kylea pledges to support the AP4CA Solar our Schools agenda to rollout solar and batteries for schools and early childhood centres in the North Sydney electorate; and, if elected, she will also support the rollout of solar and batteries in schools and early childhood centres across Australia.

Because Solar Our Schools will:

  • Create 7000 renewable energy jobs around Australia.
  • Save thousands of dollars in school energy bills that will enable another 4000 more teaching jobs, directly addressing the national teacher shortage.
  • Save 1.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions from going into the atmosphere each year.

Pledge for a Safer Future

We should all be able to live safely and free from violence.

If elected, Kylea pledges to support the agenda of Fair Agenda to end all forms of gender-based violence within a generation, including:

  • stronger action to prevent violence
  • proper funding of specialist sexual, domestic and family violence services
  • voting for better legal and institutional responses to victim-survivors and for safer workplaces - including parliament.