Take the Net Zero Pledge

Join the  15 people in North Sydney who have pledged to take action to reduce their carbon emissions.

The Net Zero Pledge is a promise by homes and businesses in North Sydney to take an active role in our community's transition to Net Zero emissions.

We've put together a list of nine simple steps that anyone can take to reduce your everyday emissions. Whether you are a renter or a homeowner, there will be something you can do. You may even be able to access government incentives and rebates to support you making the switch.

Maybe you have already started and ticked some of these off your list (nice work!) Wherever you are on your net zero journey, it’s never too early to plan your next step.

So join us in taking the pledge to do one (more) of these things in the next 12 months, and visit our Powering to Net Zero web resource for more information on how to go about it.

Take your next step towards Net Zero

1. Install rooftop solar
2. Switch to GreenPower
3. Electrify your transport
4. Insulate and draught-proof
5. Switch to energy-efficient A/C
6. Install heat pump hot water system
7. Cook without gas
8. Install LED lights
9. Cancel your gas account!

Will you commit to taking your next step towards Net Zero?

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