Demand better fuel standards

Add your voice to North Sydney's petition to reduce pollution from Australian road traffic.

Australia's inadequate regulation of vehicle and fuel standards is a detriment to our environment, and a health risk for our communities.

Australia’s current minimum standard for new vehicles is Euro 5, which is behind much of the rest of the world. Euro 6d is already used by 80% of the car market globally.

Why this needs to change:

  1. At the current standards, fuel from vehicles is producing noxious emissions that are very harmful to our health.
  2. Transport is the third-largest source of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions which is a detriment to achieving our climate targets.
  3. The lack of quality vehicle standards in Australia is allowing car manufacturers to funnel their least efficient and most polluting models into the Australian market — cars that couldn’t be sold in countries with higher fuel standards, like across Europe.

Compared to our international peers, we are driving less efficient cars and running on less efficient fuel, which in turn means that households must buy more petrol to get from A to B. And we are harming the health of ourselves and our environment while we are at it.

We therefore ask the House to further the asks of the Fuel and Vehicle Standards Legislation Amendment (Reducing Vehicle Pollution) Bill 2022, with urgency.

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