First Nations Voice

Find out more about the upcoming referendum.

The 2023 Voice Referendum on Saturday 14th October will allow every Australian to have their say on whether our Constitution should be amended to recognise First Nations people as the first inhabitants of this land, and to provide them with a constitutionally enshrined “Voice to Parliament”.

As your Federal MP, I am committed to ensuring everyone who lives in the North Sydney electorate is fully prepared to vote. Please note that, unlike other elections you may have been involved in, you will be required to physically write the words either YES or NO on the ballot card.

While we may not all agree on the final vote, I will work tirelessly to ensure everyone feels the conversation had within our community is fair, balanced, and well-informed.

Our team of volunteers for North Sydney for the Voice will continue to be out in numbers for the coming weeks. I will be there with them (for non-sitting weeks of Parliament) to ensure all the North Sydney voters are given the chance to engage with the campaign for the Voice and where necessary to answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Personally I will be supporting a positive outcome for the referendum but ultimately we must all make up our own minds on how we will cast our vote.


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Q+A: Bad Behaviour, Bushfires & Rebuilding Reputations

ABC, 11 September 2023

On Q+A, Kylea spoke about needing better behaviour in Parliament, and why she is voting Yes in the Voice Referendum.

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Interview about the Voice Referendum

Sky News, 23 August 2023

Kylea shares her hope that the announcement of a Voice Referendum date will "get politicians out of the way and actually let the community have the conversations it needs to have in terms of how we move forward".

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