Kylea shares her week on the campaign trail

Week 7: There is no Planet B

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:41 PM

As we come to the end of the World Leaders Summit at COP26, I’m struck by the thought: what will it truly take for our global leaders to set aside personal agendas and egos and work together for the greater good of our society and our planet?

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Week 6: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:39 PM

I’m not sure when I first heard this, but I know once I had I couldn’t let go of the feeling that it was not just about what “men” may do but rather a reflection of the opportunity every person has: to do something in their lifetime which leaves a legacy of good.

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Week 5: Entering politics wasn’t something I thought I would do

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:38 PM

When people ask me why I decided to run as North Sydney’s Independent in the next Federal election I almost always stumble. Not because I don’t know why but because I often don’t know where to begin.

I can honestly say entering politics wasn’t something I thought I would do. 

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Week 4: Leadership: what is it and what does it look like when it is being expressed in its truest sense?

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:35 PM

When I first said yes to the opportunity to run as an Independent candidate for the federal seat of North Sydney I did so because I was already personally feeling and hearing the frustration of so many people, including myself, about a perceived lack of true leadership at our federal level.


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Week 3: It’s as if we have all been making it up that we haven’t yet seen a firm commitment to net zero, but then there is news of new coal mines being approved

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:31 PM

One of the most amazing things about running as an Independent is the freedom it offers me to listen to all opinions, without a party filter, so please keep sharing your thoughts with me. 

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Week 2 - Team Tink hits the ground running

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:27 PM

Week 2 down and what an incredible week it has been. Thank you once again to the over 200 volunteers who, very COVID safely, distributed just on 75,000 flyers right across our electorate this past weekend. It was incredible to see so many people out and about in their #TeamTink shirts.

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Week 1 - The community is standing up

Posted by · March 22, 2022 1:25 PM

It’s a little surreal to think, this time last week, I was on a zoom meeting with the incredible crew that are at the heart of North Sydney’s Independent still trying to work out how we would begin to reach deeper into our community.

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