Kylea shares her week on the campaign trail

Week 12: Thank you for standing

Congratulations to those who ran as Independents in the Council Elections last weekend. While the results in some areas are being finalised, it’s important we let those that ran on our behalf know how grateful we are to them for continuing to advocate for a true community voice in local politics. Thank you for standing. 

Off the back of this, even with the election some months away, I’ve had several calls this past week asking what I would do in the case of a hung parliament. My answer has been consistent: the result of the next federal election will be very much determined by the voting public which is exactly as it should be.

I'm hopeful the North Sydney community will choose me as their representative as, as their Independent, I will not block supply or create a dysfunctional government. Rather I will use my position to advocate for meaningful legislative reform on the key issues as identified by the North Sydney community. 

As recently as two weeks ago, the North Sydney vote was used in Canberra to block debate on the establishment of a Federal Integrity Commission. Previously, it had been used to block the referral of Christian Porter to the privileges committee; and block consideration of Zali Steggall’s Climate Bills. For me, learning our North Sydney voting record is an almost identical to Barnaby Joyce’s, was something that astounded me. But now I know that to be the case I can’t let it continue without challenge.

A strong crossbench at the federal level can, and does, drive significant legislative reform as seen on many occasions. Independents have achieved far more than the government backbenchers who all too often are simply silenced by party politics. 

The Independent movement is a force for change in the Australian political landscape calling out for meaningful action on important issues that are currently gridlocked at the federal level. It's time that politics was returned to a format where the focus is on the advocacy of community concerns rather than its current focus on professional advancement.

Let’s change the climate in Canberra,


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