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Week 1: New office location and important advocacy

After a bit of a wait (while the team at the AEC followed the counting procedure through to the very end), it was exciting to attend the declaration of the poll for North Sydney on Friday last week: officially appointing me the new Federal Member for our North Sydney electorate.

I confess there have been a number of surreal moments during this whole experience: from the initial approach from the community to run, through to launching the campaign and definitely election night but this moment - as the results were read for all to hear - took my breath away.

After so much hard work, and the thousands of hours so many people had put in to achieve this result, we are there... and now the next phase of the work we want to do begins.

Once the formalities were complete, we headed over to our new office at Level 10, 2 Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney, and have subsequently spent most of this past week getting the office up and running.

We have also continued to gather the information we will need to help drive the changes we want to see. With this in mind, I met with the Gas Free Hunter Alliance to discuss their concerns over the proposed gas-fired power plant project at Kurri Kurri, NSW. For more information, see my Insta where we did a deep dive on the challenges associated with this project and the other options that, with a new government, we now have the freedom explore.

At the same time my inbox was flooded with human rights issues: from people appealing on behalf of those being indefinitely detained in immigration detention centres, through to heart wrenching messages from families being imminently deported, and those wishing to see great advocacy and support for Julian Assange (to have him brought home to Australia).

As we knew from the get go, there is so much work to do in this space, and I am excited to add our electoral voice to strong advocacy for better practices in this area. I have already reached out to a number of fellow Members, including our Prime Minister, to draw their attention to our community's ambitions in this area and call for better and, in some instances, immediate intervention. 
Next week, I'll be heading to Canberra for what is effectively a week-long process of inductions and introductions. I cannot wait to share what I learn with you all.

It's early days for all of us, but what I can say with full confidence is North Sydney is being seen in a different light already and I am excited to champion the changes you have all made it clear you want to see.

To those families taking time out for school holidays from tomorrow, take care and travel safely.

Here's to being the change we wish to see!

Kylea with Andrew Kaldor, Trine Barter, Katherine Woodthorpe and Suzy Bessell at the AEC Declaration for North Sydney

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