Meet Kylea

North Sydney’s Independent Federal MP

Hi, I’m Kylea*

I’m a Northbridge resident, business leader and social advocate.

In May 2022, I was elected the community’s Independent Federal Member for North Sydney.

I am a country girl at heart, born and raised in Coonabarabran NSW where I developed a strong sense of community and belief in chipping in for the greater good. I have lived in North Sydney for over 15 years. I have raised my three children here, built and managed businesses here, and am grateful to be a part of this vibrant, diverse community that I have the privilege of calling “home”.

As a community Independent, I am absolutely committed to listening to the people of North Sydney and ensuring it is your views that are represented in Parliament — not my own, nor that of a party. I was elected on a platform of climate action, political integrity, a forward-focused economy, equality and respect for all, and healthy families and communities. I am working hard to push for progress on these issues as a matter of priority.

I consider myself a parliamentarian — not a career politician — and hope to contribute to a different kind of politics, where we value reason and consensus over divisiveness, and work together to achieve better outcomes for all.

*Kylea is pronounced 'Kylie'.

Read the latest community update from Kylea.


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