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Peter Dutton’s dangerous climate call reopens the Climate Wars and takes Australia backward

Media release, 11 June 2024

Peter Dutton’s call on Saturday that, if elected, a Coalition Government would ditch Australia’s current 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets is bordering on criminal. The move would not only immediately stall current economic gains, but would also send a clear message to younger Australians that Peter Dutton’s party is prepared to completely abdicate their responsibility to fix the mess that a decade of poor climate leadership from the Coalition has already created.

For voters in North Sydney the choice at the next election is now clear. A vote for Peter Dutton’s candidate in North Sydney is a vote for weaker climate action, a weaker economy and higher energy bills, climate pollution and intergenerational distress.

We cannot fall for Peter Dutton’s fairytale thinking. The climate wars must be put to bed and if the Liberal and National parties do not wish to be part of that future, it is their own extinction they are guaranteeing.

The dangerous captain’s call, which has made headlines nationally, would see a Coalition government effectively pull Australia out of the Paris Climate Agreement – an outcome that should send a chill down the spine of every Australian that cares about the future of our country, our economy and our children.

Peter Dutton’s promise to renege on Australia’s 2030 Climate targets is anti-science, anti-jobs and anti-climate action.

Reneging on our 2030 target will leave Australia a pariah on the international stage, and will result in higher energy bills for Australian families and businesses, the loss of thousands of future-ready jobs, threaten our economy and ultimately lead to higher climate pollution.

In an unbelievable turn of events, Tony Abbott – a climate change denier who infamously described climate change as “crap” – can now be seen to be more ambitious on climate change than Peter Dutton, with Dutton’s announcement indicating he is willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the leaders of Iran, Yemen and Libya whilst turning his back on Australia’s trading and security partners.

Scientists, economists and security experts are pleading with Australia to accelerate investment in climate action, not weaken it.

Peter Dutton’s defeatist assertion that Australia will miss its 2030 climate targets should not mean that our leaders simply give up. Rather it should be a rallying call to double down and invest more in climate solutions especially given all the measures indicate we are already on target to hit 42% emissions reduction – just 1% off the 43% target.

Ultimately as someone who represents a community that is determined to see our country step into a forward facing economy, I’ll continue to fight for the faster roll out of renewables by accelerating investment in reliable, affordable and cleaner energy solutions and working hand in glove with the regional communities that stand to gain so much from this transition – both environmentally and economically.

Our future is as a green export economy and we must accelerate the creation of the well-paid, green industry jobs that are needed for us to become a renewable energy superpower.

For residents in North Sydney, voting Independent at the next election is not only a vote for serious climate action, but it is also a vote to keep a dangerous Peter Dutton out of office.

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