Volunteer Role Selection

Thank you for joining TeamTINK.

So we can get to know you better, please let us know how you would like to be involved and if you have any specific skills or experience that you think might be helpful.

As Election Day approaches, we are focussing in particular on the following campaign-critical activities:

Door Knocking

Our volunteers work in pairs to engage with voters in our electorate. Each session is 3 hours long, and you can sign up for as many sessions as you’d like. Training and support provided.

Telephone Team

Join our calling parties and team up with other volunteers to help spread the word about Kylea. All training and support provided. Each session is 1.5 hours long and you can sign up for as many sessions as you’d like.

Pre-Polling and Election Day

We will need hundreds of volunteers to help hand out How To Vote cards at pre-polling booths in the weeks leading up to the election, as well as at polling booths on election day. We will also need scrutineers and other specialist roles.

Will you volunteer?

To protect you and the community, to participate in face to face activities you must be double vaccinated.