Save North Sydney

The Australian Electoral Commission wants to abolish our federal seat of North Sydney in the next election. We, the community, strongly disagree.

The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has announced a draft plan to abolish our federal seat of North Sydney. Under this plan, voters in our community will be absorbed by the electorates of Warringah, Bradfield or Bennelong in the next election.

Given the overwhelming interest from our community in saving North Sydney, I invite you to join me in calling for North Sydney to be retained as a federal seat.

How you can help

The single most important thing you can do to help save North Sydney is to make an objection to the AEC as follows:

  1. Visit the AEC objections webpage here.
  2. Lodge an objection based on your arguments of why North Sydney should be retained. For inspiration, check out some of the key reasons I have used in my objection below.
  3. Make your submission by Friday 12th July.

Please also consider signing our community's petition. And share this information far and wide with your family and friends, so everyone in your household has had the chance to have their say with the AEC!

What to include in your objection

My team are investigating alternative options which would retain the seat of North Sydney with adjusted boundaries to accommodate changes in overall numbers of electors in NSW. You can help by asking the AEC to consider my proposal.

The people assessing our submissions at the AEC don't live in North Sydney. We do. As such, it is up to us to show the AEC why each of us feels a connection to the community of North Sydney, and why we believe our interests are best served by retaining our federal seat's independent existence i.e. we stand alone and together, not absorbed into the three surrounding seats. 

Ultimately, the AEC wants to know what it means for you to be a part of North Sydney.

Are you involved in community groups, religious groups, sporting groups, or other organisations that have a strong North Sydney identity? Where do you usually do your shopping and catch public transport? Where do you spend most of your time, day to day? What do you think of as your surroundings? If you were meeting someone for the first time, how would you explain / describe the community you belong to?

The AEC is particularly interested in feedback that addresses the following considerations:

  • Community of interests, including economic, social and regional interests - What do we share that binds us? e.g. advocacy around public infrastructure projects, schools, clubs, faith groups.
  • Means of communication and travel within the proposed federal electoral division.
  • Physical features and area.
  • Existing federal electoral boundaries.
  • The number of voters in the area currently, and at the projection time of 10 April 2028.

If you are unsure of how to structure your objection, download our Objection Letter Template here: Save North Sydney - Objection Letter Template

Alternatively, you can sign this Objection Letter Proforma with your name and date, and return this to [email protected] by 12pm Thursday 11th July: Save North Sydney - Objection Letter Proforma

Key arguments in TeamTINK's objection

My team and I are objecting to the AEC's proposal for several key reasons.

1. Population growth
The population right across our electorate is growing rapidly but the AEC's proposal does not account for this growth. For example, the NSW State Government plans to see 5,900 new homes built in the North Sydney LGA alone by 2029. If that growth is replicated across the four LGAs currently contained in the federal seat that would see more than 24,000 new homes built across our community.

In addition to this, North Sydney Council is expecting 19,500 new residents to move into the area by 2036. This is a 27% increase in just one of the four LGAs that currently make up the seat of North Sydney and indicates that it is highly likely that to proceed with abolishing our seat now would be completely counterproductive, as arguably the case to re-establish it come 2029 will be more than obvious.

2. Our business community
As home to the third-largest business centre in the country, we also believe that North Sydney's businesses and industrial zones deserve the focus of a dedicated local member.

North Sydney has a total of 28,000 small to medium size businesses whose needs do not overlap entirely with those of the newly proposed areas of Bradfield, Bennelong or Warringah

3. North Sydney is a cohesive and engaged community
North Sydney is home to several environmental, humanitarian, religious and social groups all working together towards a better Australia.

It is telling that we were one of the first electorates to stand up for independent representation in 2022, and one of the few to vote for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament in the 2023 referendum.

We respect and value our cultural diversity, with half of our population born overseas and a third speaking a language other than English at home.

And we are home to several active and competitive sports teams, including two of the largest community-based sporting organisations in the state.

4. 123 years of history
The historical significance of the federal seat of North Sydney is part of our community's identity. North Sydney is one of the 75 original federation divisions contested in Australia’s first federal election 123 years ago.

Many families have lived in the area for several generations, and are proud to have been represented by a prime minister, a treasurer and independent trailblazer Ted Mack.

Will you help save North Sydney?