Rooftop solar

Savings on solar installation costs plus credits for power you don't use.

Rooftop solar

Low income households may qualify for a free solar system.

Renewable power

Buy renewable energy from the grid.

Smart meters

Smart meters promote energy efficiency and can save you money.

Electric vehicles

A range of concessions to lower the cost of EVs.


Consider an eBike as your primary or secondary vehicle.

Bicycles and eBikes

Find safe bike routes and slash your transport emissions.

Electric public transport

Options are expanding.

Active transport

Improving walkability encourages short trips on foot.

Heat pump hot water system

Potentially large discounts for heat pump and solar hot water upgrades.

LED lights

Very low cost LED lighting upgrades (from halogen or incandescent).

Electrification - cooking and AC

No-interest loans for low income households.

Cook without gas

Currently no incentives, but induction electric cooking is the most efficient.

Cancel your gas account!

Currently no incentives.

Draught proofing and efficient showerheads

NSW Energy Savings Scheme can reduce costs of various efficiency improvements.

Upgrade to reverse-cycle air conditioner

NSW Energy Savings Scheme can reduce costs.

Upgrade to an efficient pool pump

NSW Energy Savings Scheme can reduce the costs.

Green loans

Discounts on mortgages or loans for energy-saving additions.


Get a Residential Efficiency Scorecard.


Zero Sydney North's Solar Made Simple info.