Election Day


This is it! Election Day is here! It’s our chance to send a true Independent to Canberra. Someone who represents what North Sydney cares about. Action on climate change, action on accountability in politics. A community candidate who can represent us! And it’s within our grasp.

Did you know nearly thirty percent of voters make up their mind as they vote?


Making sure we have a huge volunteer presence, in Tink Pink, handing out how to vote cards, talking to voters could be the difference between the status quo and sending a truly Independent MP for North Sydney to Canberra.


To help out on election day simply fill in your details and preferences in this form.


The team will take this information to allocate you to the best booth based on what you’ve told us and where you can make the most impact on the day.


You don’t need to have done anything like this before - our campaign is made of people doing big things, often for the first time .


The campaign will provide all the training, support and materials you need. The biggest thing is turning up and if enough of us turn up we can turn North Sydney pink on May 21.




Together, let’s change the climate in Canberra