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  • Australia’s Student Loan Scheme is Broken

    Media Release, 1 June 2023

    Tertiary education is more than a cost; it is an investment in our future. A better educated workforce means greater productivity and greater community prosperity.

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  • A Band Aid Budget

    Media Release, 10 May 2023

    The Labor Government may have appropriately delivered some reprieve for the most vulnerable in the Federal Budget, but it has patched, rather than solved, serious structural issues in the Australian economy.

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  • Code of conduct: Called for and delivered within six months

    Media Release, 8 February 2023

    Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, was a member of the Joint Parliamentary Select Committee that has delivered Codes of Conduct for the entire parliamentary system.

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  • Driving shift to cleaner, more affordable transport for all

    Media release, 28 November 2022

    Independent Federal Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink, is calling for Australian petrol to move in line with European standards and will today introduce a Private Members Bill to amend fuel quality standards so Australia can move to more stringent emissions standards.

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  • North Sydney has a right to know the plans for Western Harbour Tunnel

    Media release, 4 November 2022

    In response to today’s story in the Sydney Morning Herald, Independent Federal Member for North Sydney, Kylea Tink said:

    “Newspaper headlines should not be the primary form of communication with the North Sydney community when it comes to considerations around developments with the Western Harbour Tunnel.

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    Media release, 7 October 2022

    Kylea responds to the Prime Minister’s announcement that he backs the move of SBS to Western Sydney from Artarmon.

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  • Optus Security Breach

    Media release, 29 September 2022

    We’ve had many calls and emails from concerned constituents about the Optus data breach over the past few days.  If you have been affected, you will have received a text or email directly from Optus to let you know.

    Here are some important information to help you.

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  • Update on shareholdings

    Media release, 16 September 2022

    To stop catastrophic climate change, we must make an urgent and orderly transition away from fossil fuels.

    When I bought the shares last year, I chose shares in fossil fuel companies with the intention of using my investment to drive this transition. I wanted to drive change from within.

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  • How I'm making change from the inside

    Media release, 29 August 2022

    There is no doubt that there are many ways to try and effect change and in everything I’ve ever done, I’m always exploring new ways to do this. 

    In this context, in early 2021, I was looking at ways I could make change across the environmental space and I purchased small shareholdings in a number of companies where I felt shareholder activism may be a way to both better understand the entities involved and potentially exert pressure from within to drive in reform.


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    Media release, 18 August 2022

    Kylea Tink MP, Dr Monique Ryan MP and Zoe Daniel MP push for more efficient and cleaner cars for all at the National EV Summit

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