With the election now set for May 21st 2022, Team Tink supporters gathered at the Crows Nest Fiveways intersection to join North Sydney’s Independent candidate, Kylea Tink, under a 32m wide billboard featuring Kylea funded entirely through community donations.

Erected on 8 April, the billboard was originally booked in December 2021 in anticipation of the election being called, highlighting the community momentum rallying behind Kylea, and signalling that people are ready for a fresh voice to represent North Sydney.

Close to 800 Team Tink volunteers are ramping up their support by door-knocking, flyering and taking part in phone banking to encourage locals to vote 1 for Kylea Tink.

Ms Tink welcomed news the election has finally been called, saying she’s excited that the people of North Sydney will finally get to have their say on how they want to see Australia move forward.

“What is phenomenal about this billboard is that it was funded 100% by the community. Much like the hundreds of Team Tink volunteers hitting the streets across North Sydney, people from across the electorate made small donations. This billboard represents the change people want to see in North Sydney and highlights the grassroots movement that has been building across the electorate over the last seven months.

“Independents don’t have access to the resources of the big parties, so to be able to fund a significant piece of advertising purely from community support makes you realise that this movement is bigger than just one person.

“Team Tink are rallying and they are ready to take this election by storm, all the way to the
polls. They have been gearing up for the election to be called because they want to have meaningful conversations with people about the possibility of real representation in Canberra that will see positive change for North Sydney.

Local KT Next Gen member, 18-year-old Baxter Wilson from Greenwich, is a proud member of Team Tink and even wrote a song now on Spotify called, Kylea’s Going to Canberra.

“This campaign showed me a sense of community I haven’t felt before - North Sydney, united by a hope for real change and the members of our community showing that what we want is integrity in our government,” said Baxter.

Ms Tink says she’s been listening to the community for the past seven months about what they want and what they need.

“They want a stronger emissions target. They want to see North Sydney become one of the first Net Zero Energy Urban Zones in Australia. They want to see a return to integrity in politics.

“People want change, real change. They are done with promises and back-room deals. The people of North Sydney want a representative committed to representing their true values in Canberra. Someone who will do what they have promised and stand by the people who elected them. I believe that person is me.

“I’m proud to be North Sydney’s Independent and I look forward to the campaign getting underway, because the sooner we make a change in Canberra for North Sydney, the sooner we can start making a real difference not only for our local community, but for our country overall,” said Ms Tink.




For more information on Kylea Tink, please visit or follow her on Facebook (North Sydney’s Kylea Tink for Canberra), Instagram (@kyleatink) or Twitter (@KyleaTink).

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