North Sydney’s Independent for Canberra, Kylea Tink, has called on the Federal Government to suspend the provision of any funding committed to the Western Harbour Tunnel and the Northern Beaches Link until further assessment into the project is taken.

Surrounded by over 500 Team Tink supporters dressed in Tink Pink for her formal campaign launch, Ms Tink said the Federal Government must be clear about what involvement they have in the infrastructure project.

“The big question is why is the Federal Government not being completely transparent about whether they have in fact committed funding to the Western Harbour Tunnel and the Northern Beaches Link.

“And if they have, why should taxpayers be paying for an infrastructure project that doesn’t meet the needs of the community, and will also be damaging to the North Sydney electorate?

“Fundamentally, this project is flawed and all levels of government - be that local, state or Federal - play an appropriate role in ensuring infrastructure projects like this are built in such a way that they provide solutions for the next century, not just the immediate short term.

“The North Sydney community has been largely ignored in a rushed, faux consultation process and residents are going to lose out. Not only will they see a significant loss of green space and canopy cover, they will face increased traffic congestion and toxic air pollution near a high concentration of schools.

“It's time we start approaching projects like this differently, with transparency, community consultation, sustainability and integrity - not rushing out infrastructure that we know will be outdated by the time it's completed,” said Ms Tink.

Supported by Campaign Chair, Dr Katherine Woodthorpe AO, Ms Tink also announced her key policy platform following several months of community consultation with people from right across the North Sydney Electorate. These policies include action on climate change, introduction of integrity in politics, supporting a forward-focused economy and building equality and respect.

In the wake of the Willoughby by-election, Ms Tink said the groundswell of support for the Independent movement in North Sydney is growing, highlighting a shift to the community wanting for their voices to be represented in Canberra.

“The people of North Sydney are telling us they want to be represented in Canberra. They are done with party politics, they want their voices heard.

“I’ve been speaking with different parts of the community for the past five months, from right across the electorate. They are telling me they want bold action on climate change, leadership, integrity, planning as well as a strong economy.

“If elected, I will continue to listen to my community and ensure the issues most important to them are heard in Parliament. Because their vote counts and it should result in a meaningful representation of the community being listened to in Canberra,” said Ms Tink.



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About Kylea

Kylea Tink is a mother of three and a long time Northbridge local for over 15 years. Throughout her career, Kylea has been a successful business leader, an active social commentator and advocate.

She has been a CEO, a Managing Director, a business owner, a Board Director and a Strategic Adviser and is a current member of the AICD.

From working with communities to protect young Australians, through to collaborating with national sporting organisations, businesses and others to develop the iconic Sydney Pink Test, Kylea is most proud of the work she has done to bring about significant positive social change.

In September 2021, Kylea was approached by North Sydney’s Independent as their chosen candidate to represent the North Sydney electorate.

Kylea is proud to stand as North Sydney’s Independent candidate for the 2022 Federal Election and wants to change the climate in Canberra to ensure the North Sydney voice is heard.

For more information on Kylea Tink, please visit or follow her on Facebook (North Sydney’s Kylea Tink for Canberra), Instagram (kyleatink) or Twitter (KyleaTink).


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