A Band Aid Budget

The Labor Government may have appropriately delivered some reprieve for the most vulnerable in the Federal Budget, but it has patched, rather than solved, serious structural issues in the Australian economy.

The Budget lacks the ambition and imagination to propel the economy through this slowdown. It was a missed opportunity to implement lasting change.

The economy needs long term, systemic reform with a focus on driving economic activity, productivity and managing cost inputs.

Instead, the hardworking and tax paying Australians who helped deliver the Budget surplus are seeing little benefit and while I absolutely believe the most vulnerable in our community must be supported, our continued reliance on personal income tax risks leaving many wondering “why bother?”

We used to have an economy built on the back of the wool industry, we now have one built on the back of hardworking Australians.

In an act of irony, the Government will make more money off smokers (tobacco tax $3.3 billion over 4 years) than off those extracting our limited gas resources (PRRT $2.4 billion).

It really does not pay to have an addiction to tobacco but an addiction to gas seems to be something that will continue to be on our radar indefinitely.

Australians are looking for a courageous government with a vision for a prosperous and equitable Australia. The government that is prepared to step up to this ambition, will be rewarded.

Fence sitting abrogates the responsibility to do the heavy lifting needed. At a time when North Sydney households are doing it tough, the community was looking for more than headlines.

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